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Pain and Gain


A dangerous combination is an abundance of self-entitlement mixed vigorously with a paucity of intelligence. It’s a tried and true theme amongst comedians: the overly confident American. Childhood in America, for the most part, includes ceaseless support and adulation for the attempt, and only slightly more praise for the success. Every kid gets a trophy in little league and even the kids with failing grades will have something they’re “good” at on the note home to mom. So what happens when less-than-intelligent kids grow up thinking they are above the rest of the world? Pain and Gain happens. Continue reading


The most recent TED talk covers the touching tale of a young boy’s wish to make his teddy bear a real friend and the pair live happily ever after… Wait, that might be wrong. Oh, right. Ted is a film still about that boy, but it would definitely be out-of-place amongst TED talks. Continue reading

Summer Movies – July Edition

With Hunger Games kicking the hell out of the box office – third best debut ever – and creating a heightened sense of success in the film industry, people are beginning to expect record shattering numbers this summer. With two of the three big superhero movies coming out, July will be a crucial month for the box office in reaching their high expectations. Continue reading

The Fighter

Family is everything. Many people hold firm to this belief no matter the circumstances, but what happens when that family is dragging you down to the point of physical detriment. As Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) tries to hold tight to his close familial relationships, he has to make tough decisions regarding his career and personal well-being in The Fighter. Continue reading

Reader Request: Contraband

The amount of working parts needed to make a film flow smoothly never ceases to amaze me. What’s even more amazing is the ability of these details to derail a movie once they are made apparent. The confusing camera work in Contraband takes you out of a movie that has a surprising amount of suspense. Continue reading

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