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A Dangerous Method

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If I were more scientifically inclined, I would have loved to study psychology. The way in which the mind works is infinitely fascinating, especially the abnormalities. Some think the best way to investigate our behavior and ticks is to look biologically at our core. Others, myself included, believe one of the most intriguing ways to learn about abnormalities is to study what is on the surface: facial cues, mannerisms, speech, etc. This practice is put on display in mildly compelling fashion in A Dangerous Method. Continue reading

Rapid Fire: Shame, Young Adult, Looper, Zero Dark Thirty, Take This Waltz

It’s been a while since I posted, but I haven’t stopped watching movies. Instead of trying to give full reviews for those movies, I’ve decided to provide rapid fire, (relatively) quick hits for the main films I viewed in the last few weeks. My schedule is opening up so I’m hoping to get back to regular posting soon. Also, I have decided to not give hard grades for these films, as many of them left me with mixed feelings that would make grading difficult. Instead, the distinction will be “Worth Your Time” or “Not Worth Your Time.” Continue reading

Reader Request: Haywire

This is a long-overdue Reader Request that I finally got to see because I didn’t have to pay for it. Thank God, too, because what is an action film that has no dialog, no real explosions, no purpose, weird music and a beautiful woman who beats men unconscious with her legs? Not much. Well…Haywire is just that. Continue reading

Fish Tank

Discerning the goal of a film is crucial to understanding and enjoying it. With films like Transformers, the goal is simple: blow stuff up until the audience smiles. With others, like Winter’s Bone and Fish Tank, the goal is to expose the lifestyle of a certain sect in society. Or, at least that is the goal of the first half of Fish Tank. After an hour it takes a darker turn into movie-style fiction. Continue reading

Jonah Hex

With Jonah Hex, we get a mini battle royale of confusing and disappointing proportions. On one side, we have an awful story, terrible script and effects barely fit for decades ago. On the other, we have a solid cast consisting of Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender and Will Arnett making his foray into “serious” roles. The worst part is that the former, or opposition, wins in a landslide victory. Continue reading

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