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Upstream Color


The human brain’s capacity for memory is far beyond anything we have thus far imagined. Smells. Sights. Sounds. Feelings – physical and emotional. All of these trigger neurons that dig into the depths of the database that is our mind. As Upstream Color shows, even hypnotic drugs cannot prevent our brain from recognizing our actions. Continue reading

Season in Review: House of Cards

house of cards poster

With each and every year giving rise to technological innovations, it was only a matter of time before the likes of television programming became subject to substantial change. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are making waves by releasing entire seasons of shows at once; thus, creating a new digital platform for the widespread viewing of new, original programming. Who knew, though, that the initiation of this new platform would be executed with such a deliciously evil and manipulative offering in Netflix’s series House of Cards.

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Did you see Gamer? Yeah, neither did I. Did you see The Matrix? If you’re answer is no, then stop what you’re doing, take off your shoes and step on a Lego. Well if you’ve seen neither, I have found a nice middle ground for you all the way from the mystical land of Japan-Poland called Avalon. However, sepia tones and intensely tedious cinematography will scare many of you away—and rightfully so. Continue reading


If you could save the guy/girl you love by summoning a demon to bring her back, would you? This isn’t a question posed by the film Lo; I am just curious. Instead of contemplating the repercussions (or, you know, moving on), Justin (Ward Roberts) jumps right into the hellish world of demons and disturbing torture to save the one he loves, April (Sarah Lassez). Continue reading

Ben X (Dutch)

How many reasons does one need to commit suicide? Ideally, there should be no reasons, but for some, life gets to be a little too much to bear. Now imagine being a teenager with severe Asperger’s syndrome trying to survive in the “normal” world of high school, an already treacherous few years for most kids to begin with. For Ben (Greg Timmermans), his life is made a living hell from bullies and a general lack of knowledge surrounding his condition in Ben X. Continue reading

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