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Butter poster

Everybody is good at something, and there are definitely some supremely talented people in this world. However, sometimes these people are much better than you at something you enjoy and it sends you into a table-flipping rage (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). In Butter, the talent du jour is using butter to create magnificent sculptures and Laura (Jennifer Garner) is not happy she has real competition. Continue reading

The Change-Up

Sometimes you just need a stupid movie to turn your brain off and laugh a little bit. With all the dark or socially motivated humor I’ve seen recently, The Change-Up is just what the doctor ordered. Continue reading

Tron: Legacy

Flashing lights and CG can only take a movie so far. For a movie to contain substance there has to be much more behind or within the images. Tron: Legacy is filled with aesthetics. It’s anything substantial that is lacking. Continue reading

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