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Suicide Room (Poland)

Homosexuality, bullying and suicide. The former should not be associated with the latter two, but alas, it often is. The question becomes why people fear that which they see as different, and subsequently why the reaction to these differences is often perpetuated through violent actions, both mental and physical. While minor improvements have been made in the modern world to prevent such vicious acts of degradation that result in unnecessary deaths, there are still places where even the idea of homosexuality leads to cruel treatment and crippling isolation. Such is the case of Dominik (Jakub Gierszal) in the Polish drama Suicide Room. Continue reading


Did you see Gamer? Yeah, neither did I. Did you see The Matrix? If you’re answer is no, then stop what you’re doing, take off your shoes and step on a Lego. Well if you’ve seen neither, I have found a nice middle ground for you all the way from the mystical land of Japan-Poland called Avalon. However, sepia tones and intensely tedious cinematography will scare many of you away—and rightfully so. Continue reading

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