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Iron Man 3


The superhero/comic book genre has really changed in the past thirteen years. In 2000, we were given revolutionary films like X-Men and Unbreakable that delved a little deeper into what it means to be a hero. Nowadays, the man or woman behind the mask is more prevalent than the titular character. The hero is no longer defined by the powers or gadgetry or even the bravado…Well, these things help, but the real focus now is how that super-ness takes a toll on the person and those around him or her. Iron Man 3 goes a little further into the depths of Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) and what makes him tick…or mechanically whir.   Continue reading

The Avengers

By now you’ve probably read a half-dozen – maybe even a dozen – reviews of The Avengers. Obviously that means I have to get my say in before you become incapable of reading any more hype. I promise it’ll at least be slightly different from other reviews. Continue reading

100th Post Battle Royale: The Avengers Refresher Course

Before we begin, a couple of things. For the UK readers and others from places where The Avengers has been released, I’m jealous. Also, I’d love to hear your yay or nay to the film without too much being given away. It comes out in less than a week so I figured I’d help refresh the memories of anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see it yet.

Second, I am not a comic book reader, so these opinions are based on the films alone. If there are discrepancies between the films and comics, let me know in the comments. Lastly, the grades are given with regards to other superhero films and not necessarily as films overall (though that is taken into account to some degree).

Thanks so much for reading and all the support. It’s been fun writing and hearing everyone’s opinions. I hope you keep reading and spreading the word!! So here we go, the 3rd Battle Royale: Continue reading

Due Date

I’m beginning to understand why the Academy is so reluctant to include comedies in their nominations. The nature of the comedic genre – and horror to a certain extent – is much harder to gauge than the likes of dramas and thrillers. What makes one movie inherently funnier than the next varies and will always be coupled with a juvenile immaturity – unless you’re Woody Allen – that many will think has no place in the upper echelon of cinema. Due Date mixes the juvenile, the socially awkward and the modern “loud” humor in a pleasant, but not overtly hilarious style. Continue reading

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