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Safe House


If Hollywood films are any indication, the CIA is full of betrayal and treachery. The people we have entrusted our country’s secrets with turn out to be the most permeable vaults imaginable. To make matters worse, we train them to be ruthless killers who can handle torture better than most of us can the pain of stepping on a Lego. Daniel Espinosa’s Safe House ends up being another in the long line of “who’s the bad guy in the CIA” films released since The Bourne Identity. Continue reading

The Change-Up

Sometimes you just need a stupid movie to turn your brain off and laugh a little bit. With all the dark or socially motivated humor I’ve seen recently, The Change-Up is just what the doctor ordered. Continue reading

Green Lantern

Superhero comics, for the most part, are not generally known as having the most complex and multifaceted plots. Deus ex machina is rampant with constant reincarnations or subtle realizations of weaknesses that allow for the defeat of the villain. To be clear, I am not denouncing this practice at all. What I am saying though, is that Green Lantern takes deus ex machina and forgets to explain the sudden plot twists at almost every turn. Continue reading

Paper Man

Something nobody wants is loneliness. We spend our lives making networks of friends to avoid spending most of our time in solitude. Richard Dunn (Jeff Daniels) is a socially inept, struggling writer being sent to a cabin in Long Island by his supportive, yet exasperated wife Claire (Lisa Kudrow) in the indie dramedy Paper Man. Continue reading

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