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Growing Op

What makes a family normal? Is there a guide to the formation of a “normal” nuclear family unit? I assume it would include a steady income for the parents, school for the kids and a comfortable living establishment, right? So, if that steady income is procured by illegal means and the kids are homeschooled, does that make a family abnormal even if they love and care for each other more than most families? These are only some of the questions proposed by the comedy Growing Op. Continue reading

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The debate surrounding marijuana grows more and more complex each and every day. Questions regarding legalization, decriminalization, prison sentence length (or fairness), health consequences, violence, public safety, and more have created a rift between a large portion of the public and policymakers. Filmmaker Adam Scorgie took it upon himself to find out exactly what the fuss is all about in The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. Continue reading

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