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The Campaign

That freedom of speech clause really comes in handy when your politicians slip up and completely embarrass themselves, doesn’t it? Being a comedian in this day and age just gets easier and easier despite the growing competition and demand to live up to the greats. What happens when you combine politicians’ inability to be universally appealing and a comedian’s desire to mock everything? The Campaign happens.   Continue reading

Puss in Boots

After Shrek 2, I lost track of the film series and fairy tales altogether. For the newer films that tried to replicate the ensemble fairy tale cast I often found myself confused and unable to recognize some of the characters. Luckily, for the prequel (in a way) of Puss in Boots, there were only a few fairy tale references that needed recognition to understand the characters. The plot, however, was a different story. Continue reading

Due Date

I’m beginning to understand why the Academy is so reluctant to include comedies in their nominations. The nature of the comedic genre – and horror to a certain extent – is much harder to gauge than the likes of dramas and thrillers. What makes one movie inherently funnier than the next varies and will always be coupled with a juvenile immaturity – unless you’re Woody Allen – that many will think has no place in the upper echelon of cinema. Due Date mixes the juvenile, the socially awkward and the modern “loud” humor in a pleasant, but not overtly hilarious style. Continue reading


“Give me productivity or give me death.” Corporate America has steadily grown and taken over the capitalist system in which we live. More and more people are stuck in low-level jobs for years on end living a dull, monotonous life that few envy. George (Zach Galifianakis) has started feeling the effects of such a mundane lifestyle in the equally tedious Visioneers. Continue reading

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