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Puss in Boots

After Shrek 2, I lost track of the film series and fairy tales altogether. For the newer films that tried to replicate the ensemble fairy tale cast I often found myself confused and unable to recognize some of the characters. Luckily, for the prequel (in a way) of Puss in Boots, there were only a few fairy tale references that needed recognition to understand the characters. The plot, however, was a different story. Continue reading

The Tale of Despereaux

The thing about animated films is they rely much more on a captivating story than live-action films, even if the cast is waist deep in celebrities. You can’t rely on the vibrant features of an actor or actress to draw in an audience and hold a film together. If the story is sub par, or told in a sub par fashion, there is little an actor’s voice can do to keep the film entertaining throughout. The Tale of Despereaux falls victim to this unfortunate event: filled with stars, but lacking substance. Continue reading

Dragon Hunters

Sometimes the mood calls for a no-nonsense movie that allows you to turn your brain off and drift into a fictional world. Dragon Hunters fits this category perfectly. Continue reading

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