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Cate Blanchett is “Blue Jasmine”



Many things can draw an audience to a particular film. An up-and-coming director or writer. A beloved star. An interesting plot. Rarely, though, a performance stands as the main appeal. Woody Allen’s new comedic drama “Blue Jasmine” showcases such a performance from Cate Blanchett as the delusional, mentally/emotionally unstable Jasmine. Continue reading

Kinsey Pushes Science and Sex



I recently saw an episode of the late 1950s show Naked City, where the protagonist is invited to witness the execution—by electric chair—of a man he helped imprison. Apart from the startling idea of being invited to witness someone’s death, the mere notion of showing such an episode on television during such a conservative time dumbfounded me. Granted, we only see the reactions of the spectators and not the writhing chaos of the execution. Yet, I still found it amazing something so morbid would be allowed on television, but anything that would even hint at sexuality—particularly female sexuality—faced the wrath of the masses. Continue reading

An Education

There are tons of films that have been classified as coming-of-age tales, where experience is gained, lessons learned and character built. It’s a genre that has been tried and tested over and over. Sometimes the story inspires you, while oftentimes you are left indifferent. An Education, in a way, does neither. It’s simply a well-made movie with solid performances all around. Continue reading

Green Lantern

Superhero comics, for the most part, are not generally known as having the most complex and multifaceted plots. Deus ex machina is rampant with constant reincarnations or subtle realizations of weaknesses that allow for the defeat of the villain. To be clear, I am not denouncing this practice at all. What I am saying though, is that Green Lantern takes deus ex machina and forgets to explain the sudden plot twists at almost every turn. Continue reading

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