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The Cabin in the Woods


I am by no means a horror film aficionado; I hardly even watch horror films actually. Yet, it seems the tropes are still the same and the general idea has remained static. One piece of the genre that seems to be growing is the self-indulgent mocking of the classic themes and tools. This is often performed in the typical tongue-in-cheek manner of most parodies, but the film retains an air of earnestness to ensure the audience knows the goal is to entice fear. Occasionally, as is the case with The Cabin in the Woods, we get something wholly unique and creative that ups the ante to a different level. Continue reading

Snow White and the Huntsman

A key component of a fairy tale is the suspension of disbelief and the acceptance of the fantastical. For films like Snow White and the Huntsman, problems arise when a sense of realism is added to the tale that works in opposition to the fantasy. Continue reading

The Avengers

By now you’ve probably read a half-dozen – maybe even a dozen – reviews of The Avengers. Obviously that means I have to get my say in before you become incapable of reading any more hype. I promise it’ll at least be slightly different from other reviews. Continue reading

100th Post Battle Royale: The Avengers Refresher Course

Before we begin, a couple of things. For the UK readers and others from places where The Avengers has been released, I’m jealous. Also, I’d love to hear your yay or nay to the film without too much being given away. It comes out in less than a week so I figured I’d help refresh the memories of anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to see it yet.

Second, I am not a comic book reader, so these opinions are based on the films alone. If there are discrepancies between the films and comics, let me know in the comments. Lastly, the grades are given with regards to other superhero films and not necessarily as films overall (though that is taken into account to some degree).

Thanks so much for reading and all the support. It’s been fun writing and hearing everyone’s opinions. I hope you keep reading and spreading the word!! So here we go, the 3rd Battle Royale: Continue reading

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