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Casa de mi Padre


The tagline for Will Ferrell’s Casa de mi Padre is “Funniest move you’ll ever read.” Kudos for trying, Will, but not quite. Continue reading


Despite conspiracy theorists and fuzzy pictures, there is no proof of alien life…yet. So why do directors/producers have certain styles for creating their aliens? No reason. Why do serial killers have a certain motivation that gets revealed and ultimately leads to their capture? No reason. So what happens when you take every possible “no reason” moment and put it in one film? You get Rubber. Continue reading


“Give me productivity or give me death.” Corporate America has steadily grown and taken over the capitalist system in which we live. More and more people are stuck in low-level jobs for years on end living a dull, monotonous life that few envy. George (Zach Galifianakis) has started feeling the effects of such a mundane lifestyle in the equally tedious Visioneers. Continue reading

My Fuhrer (Germany)

Satire is a universal genre. Every country that produces films; also produces satires. One of the most interesting aspects of My Fuhrer is being able to view a German satire of World War II. My Fuhrer chronicles the relationship between Adolf Hitler and Adolf Grunbaum, a Jewish actor/professor summoned from a camp to aid Hitler in his preparations for a speech. Continue reading

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