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The Rum Diary

Higher expectations can often lead to greater disappointment. It’s a cynical view, but undeniably true. What were my expectations regarding The Rum Diary? To be honest, I saw the trailer and thought, “Johnny Depp working within his wheelhouse. Aaron Eckhart supporting and Amber Heard being Amber Heard. How bad can it be?” With Diary, I got all of that—especially (read: thankfully) Amber—mixed in between a lot of unnecessary fluff. Continue reading

Dark Shadows

Love makes people do crazy things. Some people move across a country (or the globe) to be with the one they love. Some sacrifice their lives to ensure a happier life for their betrothed. Others, like Angelique (Eva Green), curse their loved-one’s family, turn him into a vampire, force people to commit suicide and cause a general misery to befall a family for over two centuries, but, you know, moving is pretty drastic too so can we really judge? Continue reading


Why did the armadillo cross the road? To reach enlightenment…or something to that effect. So what happens when you take An American Tail: Fievel Goes West and add more adult themes, creepier characters and loads of cinematic references? You get Rango, and it is one hell of a trip. Continue reading

21 Jump Street

Touché Channing Tatum. Touché. When I first heard that it would be Tatum and Jonah Hill as the stars of 21 Jump Street, I thought there’d be no chance the duo could mutually coexist in a comedic fashion. Thankfully, my presumptions were off base and proven to be ill-advised. Continue reading

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