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Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has started the year off right.


What’s the most frightening thing you’ve ever done? For many people, this question is answered with something obvious like jumping out of a plane with nothing but a blanket that supposedly slows you down. Yet, the most genuine answer for practically every person is: making a decision based on a gut feeling and having no idea how it will turn out. Just follow what you think is right. That’s frightening for some people because it deviates from the normal process of weighing options and making measured decisions. As we see from Jeff, Who Lives at Home, sometimes taking the proverbial leap is worth it. Continue reading

The Descendants


It has now been a year since this site’s inception. Thanks to everyone reading and spreading the word. I am forever grateful. As a gift since I won’t be posting until 2013, I’ll have three reviews today. First up, The Descendants. Continue reading

Peep World

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. In this case, the land of milk and honey… I mean… the land of film and television ran out of unique dysfunctional families. We have the kind-hearted son, the screw-up looking for dad’s affection, the daddy’s girl who is always at war with her mother and the neglectful, success-oriented patriarch. No, we are not talking about the Bluth family – even if you wish we were. We are talking about the Meyerwitz family from Peep World. Continue reading


“Give me productivity or give me death.” Corporate America has steadily grown and taken over the capitalist system in which we live. More and more people are stuck in low-level jobs for years on end living a dull, monotonous life that few envy. George (Zach Galifianakis) has started feeling the effects of such a mundane lifestyle in the equally tedious Visioneers. Continue reading

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