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In many ways, the Matt Damon helmed Bourne series ruined the assassin-spy thriller genre. Each film of the same ilk since is immediately held to those high expectations and rarely gets within reach. The series also began a group of assassin prerequisites. All of which are made obvious in the opening seven minutes of Colombiana. Continue reading

The Mechanic

Jason Statham seems to like about five things: driving cars, beautiful women, kicking ass, not saying much and diving. He is the consummate modern-day action star. His movies are full of explosions, fights, some sex, and a ton of plot holes. The Mechanic is no different. Continue reading

Wild Target

Even the most heartless killers need companionship. Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) was born and raised a ruthless assassin. He never cared for the frivolities of normal life that included friends, family, or material commodities. His life consisted of hits and returning to a life of solitude, except for the occasional visit to his retired assassin mother until Mr. Maynard finds the one hit, Rose (Emily Blunt), he can’t seem to shake, in Wild Target. Continue reading

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