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125th Post Battle Royale: True Grit 1969 vs. 2010


It’s that time again ladies and jellyspoons: a Battle Royale, except this time, the battle covers over forty years. We’ve got Kim Darby versus Hailee Steinfeld. Glen Campbell versus Matt Damon. And most important of all, we have the Duke, John Wayne versus the Dude, Jeff Bridges. This great battle occurs all in the search of True Grit (henceforth distinguished by their years: 1969 and 2010). Continue reading

Last Night

I had a lot of trouble deciding on a film to watch last night, so I’ll be honest in saying I literally only chose Last Night because I hadn’t seen a Keira Knightley movie in a while. I was also curious to see Sam Worthington in a non-action film, but realistically it was all about Knightley. Unfortunately, there was very little about Last Night that was actually interesting. Continue reading

Sleeping Beauty

The most crucial piece of a film is the story. If the foundation for the film is flimsy, there is only so much that can be achieved from good acting or special effects. This story must also be attractive enough that it won’t scare people away; such is the unfortunate case with Sleeping Beauty. Continue reading

Prisoner of the Mountains (Russia)

Based on a Leo Tolstoy short story, Prisoner of the Mountains (Кавказский Пленник) tells a surprisingly heartfelt tale of two Russian soldiers held captive by Chechen “bandits” in the Caucases. Like most Russian films, Prisoner includes the same three elements (vodka, singing, dancing) while showcasing a different part of Russian culture – actually Russia’s since there were/are tensions with the Caucases. Continue reading


In many ways, the Matt Damon helmed Bourne series ruined the assassin-spy thriller genre. Each film of the same ilk since is immediately held to those high expectations and rarely gets within reach. The series also began a group of assassin prerequisites. All of which are made obvious in the opening seven minutes of Colombiana. Continue reading

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