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Monsters University


Monsters, Inc. garnered such adoration for its imaginative premise and endlessly lovable characters—if you don’t like Boo, you’re a soulless, shell of a human being and should be ashamed of yourself! Its long-awaited sequel, Monsters University, does not boast a unique premise, nor are there as many memorable characters (beyond Mike and Sully). However, this does not signal a drop in imagination; you just have to pay attention to find it. Continue reading


If you’re a tween or even a teenage girl, whom do you look up to as a role model in film and television? Katniss Everdeen isn’t a bad choice since she is strong and relatively independent when fighting for her life. I pray Bella Swan isn’t a role model for anyone. Thankfully, there is a new heroine for young girls to admire—without any love interests involved whatsoever. Merida (Kelly Macdonald) is Disney/Pixar’s newest princess and she inspires a lot of confidence for young women everywhere in Brave. Continue reading

Cars 2

You win some and you lose some. For Pixar Studios, the winning tends to happen more often than the losing. Unfortunately, they have one major slip-up now on their record. That blemish is Cars 2. Continue reading

Dragon Hunters

Sometimes the mood calls for a no-nonsense movie that allows you to turn your brain off and drift into a fictional world. Dragon Hunters fits this category perfectly. Continue reading

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