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Despicable Me 2


There seem to be two types of animated movies hitting the screen these days: the kid’s movie for kids and the kid’s movie for adults. The only difference seems to be who is included in the appeal. The first Despicable Me appealed to children and adults, but still leaned more on the children’s side. The sequel, Despicable Me 2, seems to tip completely over into the kid’s realm. Continue reading

Is it possible for a movie to be compelling in 7 minutes?

Yes, yes it is.

Rarely do I find something that makes me feel the need to post it here outside of my normal reviews. However, today – with all credit going to Game Over Man! – The Saga of Bjorn has captured my attention. This little project boasts some fun animation and a great sequence of events for our tragic hero, Bjorn, as he tries to die an honorable death. Offer up seven minutes of your time to watch! Link after the jump… Continue reading

The Watch

The Watch poster

For comedies nowadays there seems to be two groups that aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. We have the Judd Apatow group with Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and co. Then we have Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Ben Stiller, and their cronies—the old guard, if you will. Sometimes, these groups mix, as is the case with The Watch. No matter the combinations, it seems these guys still play the same roles. Continue reading

Men in Black 3


Sometimes you have to just let things be as they are. In movies, this means ignoring the temptation to stretch a wonderful story into a sequel or trilogy. For example, critics and the public were clamoring for a sequel to Love Actually, but writer/director Richard Curtis felt it would be best to leave the story as it was in all its sappy brilliance. Coming soon we have a group giving into the temptation with Anchorman 2—it better be good. But sometimes, the sequel, or in Men in Black’s case the third installment, ends up being totally worth it and only adds to the lore, instead of diminishing the shine. Continue reading

For a Good Time, Call…

for a good time call poster

Sex sells. Why do you think Playboy has been so wildly successful since its inception in 1953? Now more than ever all levels of nouns (people, places and things) are being hyped up and sexualized. Even with the growth of the Internet as a means for sexually motivated content and the rebirth of adult novels — a la Fifty Shades of Grey — we often forget another medium that is still surviving despite common perceptions: the hotline. Continue reading

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