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Suicide Room (Poland)

Homosexuality, bullying and suicide. The former should not be associated with the latter two, but alas, it often is. The question becomes why people fear that which they see as different, and subsequently why the reaction to these differences is often perpetuated through violent actions, both mental and physical. While minor improvements have been made in the modern world to prevent such vicious acts of degradation that result in unnecessary deaths, there are still places where even the idea of homosexuality leads to cruel treatment and crippling isolation. Such is the case of Dominik (Jakub Gierszal) in the Polish drama Suicide Room. Continue reading

A Single Man

It is not often when the look and minor details of a film convey a more substantial piece of the theme than anything said by the characters. A Single Man is one of those films. From filters to close-ups, director Tom Ford tells a story almost behind the scenes of what’s actually occurring onscreen. Continue reading

Most Hated Family in America

Louis Theroux has to be one of the most patient men on earth. In his documentary, Most Hated Family in America, Theroux follows the members of the Westboro Baptist Church headed by Fred Phelps and consisting mostly of his family members. Continue reading

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